Asian Women 100% Support White Supremacy and White Patriarchy

While feminists of color recognize the natural privileges of white men, and try to deprive them of the sense of entitlement, to among other things, to vagina, Asian women actively seek out white men to reward for contributing absolutely nothing to the world. Thereby: ASIAN WOMEN ARE WHITE SUPREMACISTS AND WHITE ENABLERS.

Even if a white male contributes nothing to the world but a sense of arrogance, hostility, and racial superiority, an Asian female will still reward her with access to his vagina. The White male recognizes the Asian female as being the last bastion of white male superiority in the world, and uses her as such. These men are often times racist (like my father) and harbor sense of entitlement about what is OWED them, and Asian women are happy to provide what is owed (until later on when they find out that the white male’s earning power is not what it should be).

In a way, Asian women are well known to belong to white men, moreso than to any other race. This is part of both common knowledge and popular culture; it is even more true, to a Eurasian son watching objectively, that Asian women quite clearly default to a race of men to the extent that one can safely assume that Asian women belong to white men.

2 thoughts on “Asian Women 100% Support White Supremacy and White Patriarchy

  1. its a hard subject. If you’re a Eurasian son who identifies with his mom, you won’t think she did anything wrong. And you will probably be a lot like her. You just won’t be having any qapa sons.


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