Asian Women Have Privilege Equivalent to White Privilege

What is the definition of white privilege?

Let me answer that myself, as I PASS as white in a racist society. In short, it means,

Not having to endure the stresses of being judged by your race as an indicator of your personal worth, character, desirability, intelligence, or values.

Asian women, by default, have an extreme level of privilege as they are readily accepted into white society as a sexual alternative, or primary outlet, for White male sexuality.

Meanwhile, Asian women discard Asian men (and many other black men) as being worthless because of their race, putting them in the same realm as the white oppressor of people of color.

Whereby Asian women are considered white by society, while Asian men are considered inferior; the claim is that Asian men are patriarchal, but are in turn labeled as impotent and oppressive by the white patriarchy. Where did the stereotypes of the Asian male originate?

From the white man, and his Asian lackey.

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