The American Lie

People are going nuts about the verdict (not guilty) against police officers who killed young blacks. A huge amount of people of color, both men and women, who are not black, decry this verdict as being a massive slight against all human decency.

The truth is that these same people of color (in particular, Asians, Indians and some Latinos) are the SAME people that pretty much demand that their partners be white, that their neighborhoods be white, their schools white, and that their children be white.

These same people of color are vehemently racist but feign outrage either to ingratiate themselves to the predominantly white liberal zeitgeist that exists now, or because the apparent racism that African Americans are victim to in America is somehow comparable to the very minor comments that women of color face on a far more sparse basis. Whereas a man of color is subjected to far more intense and demeaning racism than women, who pretty much are limited to derogatory comments and have a great deal of privilege acting as the de facto part of the white man’s harem. By giving yourself to the white man as a default is a reinforcement of white privilege.

In short, people of color complaining about racism and then systematically excluding Asian partners from their personal lives deserve no sympathy at all. An Asian woman that refuses to see Asian men as equals, or an Indian woman, etc., is just as guilty of racism as a murdering police officer, since she denies a man of color the right to exist, in the simplest terms. A white man that partners with these women allows this kind of racism by enabling it, using his white privilege to engage in relationships with what is otherwise a racist human being, thus is racist himself.

One thought on “The American Lie

  1. This is why I don’t march lock-step with the liberal agenda just as I cannot march lock-step with the conservative agenda which has open hatred of Black people. The whole “People of Color” coalition is bullshit. That said, I do appreciate decent people that I can get along with or work with of various races.


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