Eurasian of the Year

How did the daughter of the VP of Goldman Sachs, from a family worth maybe hundreds of millions of dollars, who went to church and played piano, wind up taking a bus to New Jersey to appear in the worst, most notorious and possibly illegal rape themed pornography – for the grand sum payment of $200? 

Eurasians are a unique brand of crazy. It’s like we’re thrust into this world where we’re told to abide by our mother’s Confucian Tiger mom stringent controlling domineering bullshit – yet we’re also pretty keen on the reality of sexual dynamics and race, that we’re pretty much monkeys where vaginas (in our case, Asian vagina) goes to whoever’s in power, who is perceived as having the highest status, biggest dick, whatever. It’s pretty obvious that Asian women have low standards for white men and high for Asian men; otherwise the interracial gap wouldn’t be as bad.

ALL Eurasians with white fathers and Asian mothers, at one point in their lives, question why virtually all of us have white fathers. Some Eurasians can make a joke out of it; “oh, my dad had yellow fever,” while some of us look straight up Asian and get shot down repeatedly for looking Asian. We endure a lifetime of Asian jokes – but we’re half white – and told by our callously privileged Asian mothers to suck it up. More often than not, we get the sense that our Asian mothers believe that we are some eugenic master race – that we are better – because we have white fathers (note, we don’t say white mothers, as white mothers of half Asian children don’t practice eugenics).

And we get told, by our mothers, to just go through the motions; play an instrument, do well in school, be a good little Asian student – but we’re mixed and we have a white dad lording over us, so essentially – we have the Asian life plan, but also the brutal reality of recognizing that white males always win out over Asian males. I myself had a meteoric rise – until I started learning that even Asian women viewed me as an asexual Eurasian.

The incentive to be a well performing Eurasian guy, when we are being told, from birth, that we are better because we are whiter, that our fathers were white – that being Asian itself has no merit, and that only with white blood are we suitable members of society; well, the incentive is very, very low.

I’m not even going to voice how badly it fucks us up growing up under the most loaded relationship on this rotten fucking planet – but just imagine for a second what it’s like.

That being said, ladies and gentlemen who come to my corner of the internet, here is my all-time favorite Hapa. I wish I could meet this girl in real life. She’s like my twin, in terms of her background, her potential, and her behavior.

Kelly Baltazar. Father is a nice little Vice President at Goldman Sachs – the bank, in case you haven’t heard of it. Not many more big boy players in New York City than this dude. Penthouses, three thousand dollar suits, Mercedes, marble columns in their apartment – I know all this because my family is pretty rich too, I’ve been around this kind of wealth (not my mom and dad, but the Chinese family that married Chinese).

Mommy is a real nice looking, controlling Asian mom. Dad probably thought he was getting a good deal; (he’s Jewish, but blue eyed and has that weak, nice guy but probably when he was younger was a stocky, cocky short pseudo-arrogant shmuck that white women ignore but Asian girls loved). Sounds familiar to my story, one of a meteoric rise and fall from grace, where I was Ivy League educated, had immense potential, well liked, popular, thousands of friends, good looking, tall, top of my class, and then was hit so hard in the face with racial reality and confusion that I self-imploded furiously. Our backgrounds, one of higher education, Tiger Momming, faux-morality shoveled into our faces (right down to the violin / piano in church), are dead on point.

That was until Kelly did Facial Abuse and got face-banged so hard until she threw up. On camera. She did this for $200 and joined literal hookers in New Jersey to be on a porn site that even other porn stars don’t want to be on. Don’t believe me, Google it. NSFW.

The psychopathy of having a fetish couple as parents; Tiger Momming; emotionally vapid white fathers – or even pedophiles or other deviants (since lots of these guys love Asian women) – cultural confusion, hatred at our own physical features, physical confusion – all of it is really, really bad.

Kelly, if you ever come across this, reach out to me, let’s work together. I see you’re rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, partaking in some “culture.” We both know that you ain’t hiding what you did forever. Embrace it – you DESTROYED them. Everyone around you is such a feeble goddamn liar, pretending everything is alright, with their status, their flashy handbags, their educational titles – it means nothing to you. You let them know that there are consequences to doing what they did – it ain’t a victimless crime, and everything won’t be “all good,” any more. Your art really isn’t amazing but I could teach you some tricks, too, since I’m an artist too. I’m way too crazy to do anything else.

I’d give anything to have been a fly on the wall when your parents found out. I’d give anything for you to contact me. I actually, beneath all the sarcasm, actually admire you very much. That’s one hell of a family photo. Much better than the ones I’ve ever taken.

Kelly Baltazar singlehandedly destroyed the myth of the dutiful little Eurasian girl – and I will destroy that of the Eurasian boy. She is my hero.

September 2016 edit.

It came to my attention that Japan’s most famous porn star, Maria Ozawa – literally the most famous Japanese pornstar of all time – was from an Asian mother and white father.

In what seems to be an equivalent attempt to humiliate and demean her parents – Maria Ozawa came home to her parents’ house with 20 of her pornographic videos and attempted to have her parents watch them.

  1. Her parents found out through a magazine or something and are strongly opposed to her doing AV to this day and her friends cut off all ties with her because of her decision to enter AV
  2. Maria Ozawa brought home 20 of her videos she’s starred in to show her parents and they told her to get the hell out.

99 thoughts on “Eurasian of the Year

  1. I honestly believe (with the exception of Hispanics) that all races and the respective genders have come to absolutely hate each other. What you said in the first paragraph is the SAME thing black men go through with black women. Think about it youve seen an angry black woman chewing out and screaming at her black bf/husband in public but have you EVER seen a black woman pull that shit with a White man?


    • The first paragraph applies to BM, if one replace vagina with penis. AM and BW experience the exact same extreme attacks. BM flock to WW and bash BW just like AW flock to WM and bash AM. BM and AW have no standards for the WP they date and marry. They exhibit the exact same tendencies. They are both hypersexualized in the media too. Mixed black girls and mixed asian guys are psychologically or emotionally unstable. The humiliation of BM that you speak of, I’ve seen it once in my lifetime. But BW being humiliated by BM start from school and the home if the guy is even present in his child’s life, then you have TV, Radio, Music videos, Concerts, Standup comedies, every single day of the week, all by BM calling BW all kinds of beautiful names, degrading our looks and femininity, while BW march to defend any injustice BM face in western societies to this day, and have done so historically which is not even a woman’s place to fight a man’s battle. You are not 100% “real white man”, you try too hard, no WM would be mad at the fact that he doesn’t get an equal dose of mistreatment that BM supposedly get.

      AW remind me of BM. AM remind me of myself. I hear AW bash AM all the time, I feel sorry for the guys, I know what they experience. I’ve been through it all my life. I don’t even attend black events or go to black reunions anymore.

      All races do have gender wars but never to the degree of BP and AP, not even WP themselves are that extreme with each other.


      • Bitch. Yup, I said it. How dare you spout this nonsense about black men. Black women aren’t angels. You’re worse than black men. You are completely controlled by the system, whether you’re ratchet or educated. You have no individuality, that’s the standard that you fail to reach that white women have no problem reaching. Simple as that. You need the world and the world is often against the black man. They’ll put you in a position of power because they know you’ll never be a threat to their rule. White men are more afraid of white women than they are of black women because they know they can control you better with systems, fantasies, and objects.

        I used to love black women. Until I realized that you all have a price tag. It’s not that black men hold other women to less standards, it’s just that black women have price tags and other women don’t. Other woman care about how they are treated, black women will eat dog shit as long as they look good in front of the world.


    • Kelly was thoroughly abused and it was really hot! In the video loops, Kelly takes a shit load of deep throat gagging and smacks. She is a bad actress and is unconvincing with her lines. She comes off as air headed and stupid but she was probably strung out on something. Kelly ends her loops with awesome facials and a jizz loaded coochie.


  2. this is the most pathetic attempt at getting pussy i’ve ever seen. give up, son. she’ll get in touch with 8+/10 men, not some below average twerp like you.


    • She got her face blown off and fucked by a 43 year old guy (at the time) what makes you think she suddenly picks only 8-10/10 men? She is literally bottom rung now. Any classy guy will eventually find out and either A) use her or B) avoid her like the plague.


      • I feel sorry for her and am actually worried for her. If I could get her to sign off on everything written here…. it would be incredible.


    • that’s why he is so bitter and racist about more handsome and successful white guys getting Asian women and making beautiful mixed kids.. because no Asian woman wants his ugly loser ass and no one wants to date a racist like him.. it sounds more like HE is the white fetishizing male since he keeps fantasizing about the black girl he apparently dated.


  3. I found this blog when I was looking for more info on the girl. I heard about her though a message board and I had no idea why she was so infamous. I read the blog, and then I proceeded to watch the videos.

    Coming out of it, I felt so depressed. I thought about how wasteful it is to come from a background of privilege and throwing it all down the toilet to deal drugs and perform in porn. She’s not the only one that’s come from a higher class background in porn but it’s still rare.

    I also checked out the producer’s website and scrolled through all the girls that ever performed. They are all mostly early to late 30’s, heavily tatted, ugly, and/or fat. If you were to have a scale from 1-10, Kelly would rank in the upper 10%. A girl as pretty as her was rare on this site. It seems they all have some sort of self hate problem.

    Knowing her background going into the video was just sad. Here we have a privileged, young, pretty girl who just transitioned from age 17 to age 18 and she submits herself to get destroyed by a 43 year old, has sex with her on top of that. When I read the description on her video page, it was like a dream come true for the guy. He would never go anywhere close to a girl matching her attributes and background IRL, much less porn actresses (as evident by the sea of uglies and older girls).

    What I’m trying to get at here, is that she took herself from upper class, to bottom rung, in one fell swoop, and it’s irreversible. Despite the attempts to remove the content, the content still exists to be seen. It serves as a shining example of how maladjusted hapas can be (especially hapa girls).


    • Yep. I recognized her behavior almost immediately as being indicative of Hapa problems…. they manifest in different ways.

      Can we be honest here… being biracial is really strenuous. I’m sitting here saying this. Add onto that the racialized / sexualized element of our parents – I’m actually in complete awe that I’m not DEAD. As in – that I am not physically dead and buried in the ground, as I came really close, really really close, long before I knew what was wrong with me.

      I don’t doubt she’s read this website…. hopefully I helped her in some way.


      • There is a Chinese proverb: A good husband makes a good wife. It’s been said around some communities that AM/WF produce better children (better looking and socially healthier). I think that the proverb applies because AM/WF marry for love, not because of some strange fetish and status- seeking partners.

        2nd gen Asian men were also raised with traditional family values and generally have a bigger presence in the family. White men do not possess these values, nor do they understand why those values are tradition (they seek Asian women for it, but the man should already possess and instill it, women only support). It’s not surprising to me that they still end up with western values despite the pairing.

        I don’t claim to know how hard it’s like being biracial, but If I were, I’d study the great things about the peoples you descended from. Nation, religion, family, achievements, etc. There’s a lot to be proud of coming from two civilizations.


      • What community says that? It’s generally true… been to an Ivy League school and did not meet a single WMAW Eurasian male other than myself. All the rest were AMWW.


      • but what happens if someone is biracial and looks completely white ? like she does ? Is it better or worse ?


  4. As all studies on the topic show and anyone who has dated in the west knows white women find Asian men the least attractive (physically) as potential mates. Yet there I this idea that somehow AM/WW couples are somehow more attractive?

    It makes more sense that ugly/dreg white women who can’t get their dream Chad end up settling Asian. It’s a sad realization that the girls who go for me are settling but think I should feel grateful just cause they are white.


    • @Sadhapa It’s only due to emasculation of Asian Men in the west and most of White Women who go for Asian Guys are usually hot, beautiful and well educated….


      • That doesn’t match anything I’ve ever seen, experienced or read.

        Explain it to me logically why the most desirable women would go for the least desirable men? When even mediocre white women avoid Asian/Hapa men if they can you think the hottest ones will be interested?

        Even the white women in Singapore bitch about the white guys going for SPGs. White women always end up with their dream Chad if they can get him.


      • WW who are not brainwashed by the media go for AM. And generally they are quality WW because they have a mind of their own. They know that quality matters more than popularity. I have seen AMWW couples and families, most are good, not all but most. I think the dynamic is totally the opposite of WMAW. However I have no clue what to say about the case of Eurasian men.


      • The truth is that most white people don’t care about race, there are many Asians however that oppose interracial relationships and race mixing but I guess since they are in the West and that they are a minority they don’t really have control over who their kids will end up dating.. the most important thing is that the relationship is happy and healthy. However there are some cases of white women fetishizing non-white partners and wanting their kids to be born with tan skin and to look ‘unique’.. But fetishization is done by anyone regardless of race. I met a Chinese woman who had a daughter to an English guy (I am the same mix) and she was fascinated with the fact I have natural light brown hair and freckles as well as green eyes like the little girl. The woman would constantly touch my hair and it wasn’t long before she was pregnant again ! That was the only time I have met an Asian like that but I have seen TONS of whites do this especially to their own kids, showing them off like accessories as if having a child to someone their own race was ‘average’ and ‘boring’…


      • I doubt it, why would he be. What he says is true. Majority of white women want nothing to do with a half Asian guy when they can get a white guy.


  5. I’m a full blooded Asian female and find the hapa mixed gorgeous. It’s too bad you only seek white girls. There is a reason why your daddies want us- maybe you need to do some further research as to why.

    Anyhow, the hot hapa that got away didn’t want to make it work out with our long distance relationship, so I ended up marrying a white guy.

    Please don’t value your worth based on the white girls’ opinion- peek outside your bubble!


    • “There is a reason why your daddies want us”

      Because you’re easier and have lower standards as long as he’s white.


      Your children are fucked, majority of hapas look straight up Asian and are not gorgeous.

      P.S., I had a crush on several Asian girls growing up and wanted to be with them. Their response? “I don’t really like Asian guys.” The ultimate betrayal.


    • Your relationship probably ended with the hapa guy because he saw what white worshipping bottom of the barrel trash Asian women are. For this reason alone most hapas don’t want anything to do with Asian women unless they’re extremely desperate.

      Learn more about power and perception. Hapas are a living representative of the Asian female’s unique submissiveness to white supremacy, the same white supremacy that humiliates and treats us like shit.

      You types of the girls really are bottom feeders and you know it. No other race of women achieves your talent at being such vicious, petty manipulative and lying. Oh well. Buck stops with me now.


      • Thanks for slut shaming Asian women with white fetish. Seriously. Your perspective is unique bc you address the consequences of this fetish as the product of this hateful coupling. When we Asian guys say it , they just call it sour grapes of small dick envy. So you got real credibility.


      • he says it because he got rejected by an Asian girl who then dated a more handsome guy, the man clearly hates the fact he is white and constantly bashes men his own race also because he can’t find a girl his own race too. That’s also why he hates Asian women and he hates being white so much he creates this delusion that he looks Asian and identifies as being one.. the only girls he can manage to get are the low IQ sheboons from the ghetto who want to swirl with some vanilla for laughs


  6. Really? I chimed in and gave you words of encouragement and that’s what you took away from it? It is clear that you have deeply profound issues you need to deal with and I hope you are seeking therapy. I’m happy to hear that this blog is a therapeutic outlet for you. I’m sorry your mother died and left you with a Nazi loving father and schizophrenic bed-ridden brother. Your blog reveals your profound hate on Asian women dating white men- please know these ill feelings you harbor will never make your family problems go away or the rejection from white women hurt any less. I hope you find a healthy way to deal with it. Perhaps, one way you can cope with this is to stop generalizing all WMAF relationships out there as how they relate to your own parents. There are plenty of couples out there that exist with a mutual attraction and respect for each other.

    I have dated Asian men in the past, and I have also dated Latino, a couple of Jewish men and black. I believe there is beauty all over the world. I am happily married to a man I love- who just happens to be white. Contrary to your belief, he is not an Asianphile. My husband is an intelligent, handsome, healthy and supportive life partner. He treats me and my family with respect and we plan on having children together. That’s when I searched for multiracial kids and found your blog. I appreciate your taking the time to write this because I’m aware of how important my role will be as a mother if I ever have biracial children with my husband in our western society. I am prepared to do what it takes to raise healthy Eurasian boys. BTW, my children will always know they are born out of love (from both parents) and whether they look more Asian or Caucasian, or identify with being white or Asian, it doesn’t matter- they are beautiful because they are my kids. They will grow up knowing their culture, language and be proud of their heritage from both sides. I will love and accept them for who they are.

    Stop whining and pointing the finger at everyone but yourself. Man up and own your shortcomings. Life is fleeting- don’t hate, make room for love. Girls (from any race) won’t love you until you learn to love yourself. I truly wish you the best and hope you find peace.


    • Empty talk. What I said is true, otherwise I wouldn’t have had such a meteoric rise with this website.

      The market demanded this website be created, the market demanded that certain topics were searched for on Google, and they all wind up here.

      Also, if you really think it’s just me saying this stuff… I have REALLY BAD news for you. Like REALLY BAD. Because this discourse has already gone national, elsewhere. And it will go global.

      “That Eurasian Writer guy was right.”

      Remember those words, because they’re going to run through your head over and over, and over, once you have kids and see their behavior begin to match what I say.

      “That Eurasian Writer guy was right.”


      • If popularity was the hallmark of truth, then the wage gap is real and by virtue of being male you are part of the patriarchy with every door opening for you. Why are you mansplaining to a reader, man?

        On a more serious note, there will always be a market for ideologies that absolve the participant from responsibility. Religions, hierarchy, bankers, Jews, government, feminism, MGTOW. Willingly confusing statistical trends for absolute truths makes for a comforting form of happiness when you’re on the losing side, one that does not require self-improvement.

        Much of your world philosophy is rooted in fantasy. No white man fantasizes about establishing white supremacy by getting Asian women pregnant. Actual white supremacists are worried to death the white race will die out this century, and dream of finding their pure virgin Aryan wife willing to mother a dozen children. Some are sad, lonely men desperate enough to “settle” for an Asian cutie, which is the opposite of white supremacy, the tacit acceptance they can’t hack it.

        So WMAF tend to be weak fathers and opportunistic mothers, and this doesn’t make the best children. Fair enough. You come as a disadvantage, but the idea your dating woes are insurmountable is where you take it too far.

        A much more likely scenario: the female market likes men who are men. There is less demand for a guy whining about their insecurities, whereas this is about race, having a small cock, being unattractive, anything. Shit personalities attract shit people.


      • RIC, you’re a biased white male who has white privilege. You don’t know what it is like to be a minority. Hitler called Asians “Honorary Aryans.” The shit you wrote above comes from your white experience.


      • I’m loving it. All I have do is convince upper class Eurasians to speak out. There’s a ton of them snapping – it’s only a matter of time before the sons and daughters of millionaires open their mouths.


      • I as a married and happy AFWM Eurasian male, AGREE with RIC. Eurasian Writer is just going to go down the same road as Elliot Rodger because of narcissism, delusions and self pity. Girls are rejecting you because you are simply going to use them as an ego boost and no one is attracted to generalizing a group of people based on your supposed experiences. Shit attracts shit so unless you are going to nut up and shut up, have fun wallowing in your pit of hatred that you dug yourself. A spoiled kid, who thinks he is entitled to everything. Grow the fuck up dude.


      • @R Brailsford You must be a White Guy/Asian Woman who is trolling here using multiple fake user accounts.


      • What on earth are you talking about? Self improvement? Who said anything about that? I want revenge!


  7. lol. troll or not: you’re such a miserable, cynical piece of shit. I guarantee you that you’re one of those people that just hates everything and thinks he’s better than everyone else because he’s some edgy, misanthropic loser that hates everything.

    great way to go through life. good luck making friends.


    • Let me guess, you’re mad because I called you out for being in a fetish relationship.

      Oh well. Top half Asian website in the world, “bro.”


      • nah but nice try and nice two minute reply, loser. I’m guessing my assessment was correct? that’s sad, really. stop trolling, go outside, make friends, get a life, etc.

        and just a tip: nobody gives a shit about your creepily-obsessive, hate-filled little blog. it only gets traffic because its gimmicky trollbait and you know it. its honestly nothing to be proud of. you troll people into commenting, congrats. do you have any real talents, besides hating everyone and everything? make a blog that isn’t some gimmicky bullshit and then you can be proud of it, “bro”.

        also, everything doesn’t have to be about race. bringing race into everything just weakens your argument. no one’s ever taught you that?

        anyhow, until you learn that, enjoy having no friends and never seeing a vagina in person. nobody wants to hang out with a whiny faggot that’s always bringing race up and using it as an excuse. XOXO


      • I was hoping I could maybe help you mature a little bit but I see now that its a lost cause, especially considering you just hit me with the classic preteen-on-youtube staple “if u don’t care, why u commenting?”.

        get well soon!


      • Why bother with me?

        In ten years you’ll have a young Asian looking child that can read it for him / herself and see that it’s true. So talk to them, not me.


      • you’re a damn good troll. why can’t you apply all this effort elsewhere and help the world somehow? arguments aside, you could do great things in life if you weren’t so obsessed with race and caught up in hating everyone. I truly mean that.

        I already know that trying to get through to you is 100% useless as I type this up but seriously, man. you could do some awesome shit. maybe even change the world and make it a better place for people of *ALL* races. just let it go. having so much hate in your heart isn’t healthy at all and its even more unhealthy to have your whole life revolve around racism.

        I wish you the best. I’m sorry for attacking you.


      • Oh I get it.

        Here’s the thing. For every comment I get like this I get three times more saying I’m doing the right thing and thanking me for doing so.

        What happens is that at first people come on here calling me an asshole, a racist. A few weeks or even a few hours later they will start saying that what I say is right but that I have way too much influence in the matter.

        So do you want to cut to the chase here, Mark? Does it bother you that I nail these couples down to a T?


      • Because white man has a predisposition to swooping in to bring ‘civility to the heathens’ or bring ‘democracy’ to those who ‘hate him for his freedoms’.


  8. “Great things in life.” This is a great thing that I’m doing. I’m helping people. What is said here is relevant to society and all races as a whole.


  9. lol, fucking racism here. Actually you guys just don’t accept the truth. Kelly or May Li/ Amelia Wang(her pornstar name) is like other pornstars, who were in the industry when they were young/er and retired after and started a new life. Even though May Li’s porn career was very short, I became a fan and had done “research” for more of her porn movies but failed. She has done only 3 porn scenes. Eventually, like other ex-pornstars, Kelly was able to have a financially rewarding life after, having a rich husband/partner just like other pornstars. A partner who accepted her past. Or was able to finish college and found a rewarding career or was able to establish a legit high pay off business. Prostitutes can get out of the meat trade and have a life they wanted too. For the record, there are pornstars who became a legit actress (Sasha grey who was facefucked too many times by group of dudes much worst than Kelly/May Li) and Sasha is earning good than before. There are also pornstars who became christians and active in chruch and in helping the have-less people and was able to have a typical loving family and a good career. So just don’t think that pornstarts could not get out of prostitution. They too, can change their life.


    • White loser detected. Good luck with your kids. Maybe your little girl can become a pornstar too.

      It’s so weird. On this website:

      White women agree
      Black men agree
      Black women agree
      Half Asians boys agree
      Half Asian girls agree
      even Full Asian women agree

      But white men always, always, always, always disagree.

      It’s hilarious.


    • Yes but she was not part of the average statistics of porn, she had everything she needed in life and doing this porn scene was not for the money, you must be stupid too think so, her dad is a millionaire and I doubt she would get face fucked by some inbred hick for 200 dollars. This is either to make some sort of point to her parents as she probably knew this would leak out to them or she is truly a sexual deviant from birth or from incidents in her life (daddy and his rich friends having some fun) while the Chinese mom does not give 2 shits because she does not want anything to interfere with her easy parasitic lifestyle.


      • Here’s what matters, she’s a half breed who is open for business in all three inputs. Plus, for a little blow, she fuck any low life.


  10. What you incessantly cry about on your blog is not a unique phenomenon among WM/AF relationships. About 50 percent of domestic abuse cases in America are perpetrated by women. A lot of women marry meek men and run the show and unleash their neurosis onto their surrounding family members. It just so happens that Asian women are especially neurotic (Chinese in particular) because of a variety of factors. Your father fucked up and married a shallow woman with gongzhubing. Now you have to move on, accept your circumstances and find absolution. Quit lamenting about whatever shortcomings you were dealt and maximize your strengths.

    WM/AF offspring aren’t inherently flawed; rather it is the damaged parental dynamic you were raised within, which afflicted your mental health.


  11. Dear Eurasian writer,

    I’ve been following your content for quite a while, and have watched many if not all your youtube videos and I vehemently agree with your points.

    A little background about me, I’m a fully asian 23 year old, with a Malaysian Mother and a Taiwanese father. What you say about many, many Asian women being status obsessed (materialistic like no one else, they’ll plaster their walls with LV if they could) white worshipping and condescending (or as you had mentioned ‘ cold blooded’ ) rings extremely true.

    I was raised with a mother who married in for money, and views me and my siblings as cash cows for her future. As a young child I would be drilled perceptions of weight, bullied, even, no one would believe me when I shared my problems of having a mother who was more concerned about her image and would openly, bitterly condemn her children. I grew up with eating disorders and extremely low self-esteem.

    Asian culture is bombarded with notions of superiority when a celebrity of above average attractiveness is eurasian, it’s ridiculous. From an extremely young age I desired already, to marry a western man. Believing that my children would be beautiful and spending hours browsing through eurasian baby photos on tumblrs. What many asian women do not want to admit to you is that they do believe in white superiority, and the belief that their children will do much better than the rest of asian society. They also detest asian men, because they either 1) detest their fathers 2) hate themselves (their heritage) so much they want their children to look different from them

    Furthermore, my decision was further inculcated through my mother’s ooh and aah’s at eurasian stars, never failing to point out that the celebrities had at least one white parent.

    What led to my awakening from all the chaff was when I realized my asian heritage wasn’t as bad as my mother perpetuated it to be, when I left home abroad for university, the more gradually I saw through the notion that the supposed ‘asian and normal’ way I was brought up was ABNORMAL and not how loving parents raised their kids, I broke through the chains

    I am now currently dating an asian male and he is the sweetest most gentle person and I am so glad I took time to know him, and not get to know men through western notions of dating, ( shit tests, first base, second base etc ) I have a close white male friend and he is currently seriously thinking about marrying his asian GF because of ideas of tradition, but I do not know what to say to him because my white male friend and I are both aware of the predicament that modern hapas face, and I have suggested to him that it might not be such a great idea.

    Mr. Eurasian writer, you are doing an amazing job. If the young tumblrette me were to read through/watch your videos I would be shaking my clenched fists with fury. However, as someone who’s reflected on my eurasian friends and their behaviors at school ( one did drugs and was extremely promiscuous -girl, another was so culturally ambiguous he just had all this hate in him, and another who had very poor choices in dating, another had such a poor excuse of a mother he had memories of her engaging in sex in front of him with DIFFERENT WHITE MEN at the age of 4 ) I am more or less convinced that whilst eurasian children are beautiful sometimes, they are self-destructive in behavior without the proper parenting (which in so often cases are lacking because of the fetish coupling )

    It’s no other surprise that most of these marriages end in divorce, what was the statistic? 70%? All of these eurasian friends that I have met, all of their parents are divorced. It almost comes as no surprise anymore, the stereotype is almost so cemented it baffles me to how I did not notice it as a younger person.

    I digress

    Thank you for your quality content.
    The general mass is bored with uncomfortable truth.



    • Thanks for the message. Id ask permission to repost it elsewhere but I know that eventually people are going to say I wrote it myself. We’re dealing with a lot of shit now, here and elsewhere. Best I can hope for is to be that guy who writes real shit and then hopes others can pick up on it.


  12. Yall watch too much tv. Think for yourselves for once.

    P.s. Kelly only likes white cocks. The proof is in the pornos.


  13. The eurasian experience is not at all unique. Mulatto daughters to white mothers face an even worse situation getting rejected by white men and men of all other races for that matter. They also have black fathers who reject black women. Most mulatto women end up with black men, however, whereas most eurasian sons seem too racially proud to settle for an asian woman.


  14. I do not appreciate this gloryfing tone of this article. I can imagine the ways of thinking of that girl. Kind of bravery. She needed to try it. Indeed. But we as an audience we are spectators. And we should not glorify it. Not because of responsibility to boosting porn industry, but besause of yourselfs. If you agree with her decisions make the same decisions or be silence for ever. Endorsing it loudly is loosing a little piece of your soul.


  15. I find this kinda sad, and not am not sure if it was bravery. I know she wanted to spite her parents, but why do this to yourself? I think if she had a chance to think beforehand, that she wouldn’t have done this.


    • @longingfortruth. Let me guess the person who did this video; is it the Suzuki girl or owner of ihatrasianmen blog? Lovely music but disgusting sentiments. I pray to God my amwf son doesn’t end up listening to this as a teenager if all goes well


      • svetasbooks” (Svetlana—beautiful name, by the way)… for your info, the individual producing this content is either a mentally ill troll or a damn good satirist—either way, “her” sentiments are irrelevant (and should be considered as such).

        longingfortruth, mate, you’ve posted two videos on this blog from “her” channel—don’t you realize what this “Claire Liu” is doing? For your info, as well, “she” has had some history of being a nuisance on a couple of Eurasian Writer’s videos—I, for one, blatantly cursed “her” out before under the moniker “Zed Joles” (hence my chosen username). The hilarity that ensued was golden (forgot what that particular video was, though). Heck, “she” might not even be a female but a racist White male (or what I’ve stated above to Svetlana).

        Anyways, you should stop posting videos from “Claire’s” channel—and don’t even think about commenting on “her” shit either (if you did, shame on you). “Why?“, you may ask? To even give the slightest attention to “her” would only give further validation to the channel—thus fueling whatever the hell “her” cause is or what “she” is trying to accomplish. “Claire Liu” doesn’t need help; “Claire Liu” needs to be outright ignored—at best, though, the channel is actually quite amusing… especially the comments (haha).


      • Someone needs to call her out! She is a white worshiping racist bitch. If she does have a biological Asian looking son with her white racist husband, I hope her son watches her videos and disowns her.


  16. — “Someone needs to call her out!

    And? You think she’ll listen (ROFL)? With the anonymity of the Internet, “her” true identity could be “anything”. Although, think about it… this “Claire Liu“—if she actually IS an Asian female—obviously gets a kick from producing crap like that vid above. She is, intentionally, trying to provoke a negative response from Asian males. If you respond or show any kind of attention, you’ll only give her more power. See?

    Any Asian brother who falls for that channel is a naïve fool—don’t be one. Just keep cool and brush it off. But, hey… you know what REALLY hits the nerve of self-hating Asian females and racist White males? Asian men with beautiful non-Asian women (particularly, White women). It’s like an “Achilles’ heel” to these lowlife vermin (that image you’ve posted just recently about that “self-proclaimed, Trump-lovin’, White supremacist” is a PERFECT example showcasing White male bigotry and hypocrisy).


    • My guess is that if that Clair was an AF, she probably gets pleasure pissing off AMs, probably the way her own mom disrespecting her beta Asian dad.


  17. If it’s owner of ihatrasianmen blog, she will twist everything you tell her and call you racist for refusing to accept her lifestyle and that of her man. I commented on her blog, and one can see our exchange. There is no reasoning with crazies.


  18. Haha, oh my God. You are some special sort of self-hating retard. People will say I’m trolling or in denial or whatever, but painting such wide groups as “WMAF” couples as entirely, or even mostly… oh, who even gives a shit. You maladjusted fucks will never get it. I spent my teenage years trying to argue reasonably with you, but the people who already had their minds made up… well, they already had their minds made up.

    So many of us are well-adjust, normal people who date in and outside of our race (do we even have that choice, being as we’re mixed?). In the 90’s I would have absolutely agreed with you. It was a hateful time where people did a lot to try and bring me down just because I am mixed. But there has absolutely been lots of progress. And though it may not be fast enough for our liking, it’s fast historically. And though we shouldn’t stop fighting, oh shit – no! A white man has just burst down my door to subjugate me! Ahh, help! He’s going to give me $200 dollars to choke on his dick but I can’t help myself because I’m half ASSSIIIAANNNNNNNNNN


    • Whatever you say, sweetie.

      Let’s just agree that your attempt at humor is just you deflecting. Yeah, you are in denial, otherwise 90% of Hapas you know to this day wouldn’t have Asian moms and white dads.


    • Lady, do us and society a favor and examine and accept the truth. Quit denying the truth. WMAF relationships are a disaster from the get go. These relationships exist because of white worship , money, and status.


  19. Kelly is doing just fine. She is in the MFA program at Columbia these days. I nailed her when she was at Georgetown and we never spoke about the video. I totally nailed the shit out of her in her parents Sutton Place apartment. It isn’t the penthouse but is was a sweet apartment.

    I don’t know why Kelly did the videos because I respect her privacy. I know why she did me. I treat her like the naughty hapa she is. She is that naughty.


  20. Some people seem to turn nationalist because they have a self hatred. News was talking about a Dutch politician called Geert Wilders and I thought it looks as if he bleaches his hair. When I looked him up online it looks as if he does so he looks less Indonesian where a parent comes from. Most of these people try to fool many they’re against immigration, when they’re really extreme capitalists who don’t want the EU in way of few at the top mistreating British people, but a few are genuine self haters. They don’t want EU saying corporations should label GM and other ingredients or workers should have enough breaks. Only have to see what hypocrites the politicians against EU are. British anti EU politician Boris Johnson’s family changed their name to sound more British from the real Turkish name.
    Nigel Farage who was leader what he claims is a nationalist political party was paying his foreign wife from tax payers expenses to increase household finances, and hiding his money in foreign tax havens. Some people need constantly pointing out the obvious, as they can’t see what’s in front of their faces, until they end up crying on Question Time because they believed those types care about British people or society, when they would sell it off if few at the top can keep all their money and power.


  21. As a Hapa girl being born and raised in a society where white is normalized, I have experienced many of the same frustrations and obstacles you describe. I used to claim my more white side growing up but noticed most people only saw my Asian side (i theorize its the one drop rule)I often felt very isolated because many did not understand my problems and so I also felt crazy because of it. Because of this I started to write a blog on the topic (see here: and was persuaded by a white mentor to create a tumblr site that deals more with the WMAF aspect of the issues ( There are many of us who face the struggles out here. Thanks for your site.


  22. Just an fyi, her father was a vp for 33 years at gs. In finance a vp title is borderline entry level. A gs vp in nyc currently makes around 150k. Most people are a vp for a few years and then move on to other titles. Being a vp at gs for 33 years is the equivalent of being a french fry salter at Mcdonalds for 33 years. There is not one gs vp worth even 500k, never less 100’s of millions of dollars. Directors, Managing Directors make salaries of around 250k – 500k with commissions that vary greatly. Its not until youre a partner at gs that youll start making bank. Partner salaries are 900k with huge bonuses.


  23. Read the entire article. Seems like virgin angst to me. Just hire a few hookers and it’ll go away. Your self-hatred will go away and maybe you’ll finally get the guts to talk to a real girl in a bar, workout, and become a regular Zeng Tsumani.

    t. Chad


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