It is pretty common to go on Internet forums or to overhear conversations while living in an Asian country abroad.

Usually like this: “Being white in Asia is incredible, women throw themselves at me. If you’re tall and white just go to a club and you can fuck hundreds of women with no effort.”

Of course this usually goes hand in hand with how Asian women can’t get enough of that big white cock, how Asian men are pathetic, etc. Regardless of the falsity of these statements the fact that it remains so easy for white men has serious results on the self esteem of the son.**

Now, tell me how a Eurasian son is supposed to rationalize this, and view his mother in a positive light? Yes, women have preferences but to ignore the ramifications on the son / daughter is irresponsible; what’s more is that when a male is described as having preferences it is called a fetish, meaning that it is unusual. Meaning that it is UNUSUAL AND IMMORAL to find another race sexually superior.

Burn in hell, mom. Seriously, I hope your skin is melting off your face slowly every ten minutes for the next trillion years.

**If the father tolerates this kind of preference or racism from his mother he is likely a racist as well and is an enabler for the self destruction of his own offspring. However some men, like my father, pedestalize and are simply too naive to even think it was possible, since he, of course, is not Asian.

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