The World View of a Hapa who Looks White

Let me start off by saying that I might have been saved a lot of racism growing up, because to someone who doesn’t know any better – I am white. Categorically – I appear white. Therefore my life experiences have been one of a white male. Ironically, to this end, I did not know many white males other than my father growing up, identified strongly as being distinctly of Asian heritage, but for whatever reason, the world did not view me in this way.

So, why complain? I sustain that I have been afforded a very unique world view because I have both definitely non-white, as well as white, and tall, and good looking.

The world nowadays is filled with two categories of people. The first category are people who legitimately believe everything is “all good;” they have a pretty biting hatred for pessimists, nihilists and realists, all the while living empty lives that they fill, just barely, with social charlatans, dumb Facebook-posed photographs, and alcohol. The second category are people who see the world for what it is, and others – the optimists – hate them passionately because these people literally sweep the rug out from under their entire existence, and their entire system belief; the belief that we are all special, we all deserve a family, love, a good job, and a long, happy life played by the books.

As I mentioned before, a lot of Asian men go through life unwanted, until they hit about thirty, when they magically become desired. I suppose the same thing happens with “nice guy,” white boys who suddenly become more popular with older women who have had their field days with bad boys. Obviously this idea is quite unpopular with feminists and “nice guys,” since it implies that women lose value at around the age of thirty, or lose value once they have fucked a certain number of men. Regardless of this, if I were an Asian male, I would be pretty upset that I was laughed at, denied, and humiliated by entire life until I suddenly earned enough money to pay for companionship that White men got for free when my wife / fiancee was objectively more attractive.

Now, as a nominally white male, I have seen firsthand how aggressive women are when they are young to attractive men (myself), how they treat unattractive men (both white and Asian) by ignoring them or shooting them down as cruelly as possible, and how ones success with women has everything to do with looks and race and very little to do with personality or income. I know for a fact that if my mother (not a looker herself) were to have married an Asian male, then I would have probably been daft enough to believe that Asian women don’t, on the whole (until they hit their late twenties), like Asian men for the magical reason that they don’t like Asian culture. But since my mother fucked a white man, I look like a white man, I have two legitimate cultures, and yet I still receive attention from women despite being clearly insane and an asshole, that culture has absolutely nothing to do with it.

The story itself is really as old as time itself; it’s got nothing to do with culture. It has everything to do with genes. Asian men, assuming they have mothers to tell them to just “be a nice guy,” and things will fall in place (magically around 30 years old), legitimately believe that being a nice guy is what ultimately matters. Meanwhile, Asian women are going around fucking and sucking more white men than these guys who even think was possible; and of course this happens behind Asian men’s backs while they assume their culture is somehow at fault, rather than their appearance. Because my mother is dead, I had absolutely nobody to tell me to be a nice guy, and found playing up my looks and my white face to be far more effective in getting respect from women.

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