Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Asian females love to write and talk about how they are abused for dating outside of their race. Asian women are the number one vitriolic, adamant liars when it comes to rationalizing their sexual preference (which is nothing more than a preference for tall, dominant men, ultimately; love is colorblind as long as it’s a tall white guy, right?).

They complain that the Asian male patriarchy attacks them for having an overwhelming preference for white males, ignoring the hostility that older white people have for white males and white females that date outside of their race as well; I have even been on the receiving end of this. They talk about experiencing discrimination and cruelty, but treat Asian men like garbage, and their sons will experience the same cruelty. 

They complain that Asian men are patriarchal; yet they throw themselves at the same men that dropped not one, but TWO nuclear weapons onto Japanese cities populated entirely by civilians, and children.

They complain that older Asians are racist, while completely ignoring both the fact that their own sons face daily racism, being called “small dicked,” “chinks,” “slant eyes,” “slopes,” “ching chongs,” and virtually every other name under the sky by our white peers growing up – the white racism goes so far as to be even verbalized by whites living in Asia! A review of any expat website constantly demeans Asian men as being “nano aggressors,” yet these poor, poor white men are treated a fraction as badly as they treated non-whites in their own countries!

Sometimes they go so far as to say that their own mixed-race children are bullied at majority-Asian schools. NOT ONCE DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME, and I grew up in a 90% Asian neighborhood in Queens, NY. Quite the opposite, happened, actually, with the white and black minority targeting Asian students, and older whites complaining that their neighborhoods were being overrun by a “sea of black hair.”

As someone who can easily blend into the white male “patriarchy,” the amount of shit that white males have to say about Asian men is astounding and I SERIOUSLY have doubts about my own mother’s character and intentions in fucking a white man, and only white men.

It’s so bad that I assume any white male who ALLOWS his partner to say the same terrible things about Asian men must BE RACIST HIMSELF, and this combination will have DISASTROUS results for the children, as it did for me and my brother.

They even say that it is very difficult for a blonde-haired, blue eyed person to live in an Asian country, without even beginning to think about what it must be like for an Asian or black male to live in a white country; of course, Asian women have immense privilege living in western countries, being seen as a sexual commodity for white men looking to experiment, or to get away from their own women. Meanwhile, white women are complaining about white male patriarchy, white male agism, white male sexism, and white male racism in the Western world!

The Hapa son grows up with the direct evidence of his own humiliation and conquest just looking at his whore mother who absolutely needed to be dominated by a large, blonde man. His mother almost always deliberately sought a white male partner as a combination of perverse sexual desire, and a desire to humiliate Asian men – both of which her sons will be reminded of.

We are the Hapa generation and we spit in the face of our whore mothers and their blatant lies. They were nothing more than common racists, whores, harlots and hypergamous liars.

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