Elliot Rodger; Amy Chua; Kelly Baltazar; Asian Women Create Monsters

The common belief is that “mixed race” people are somehow better, but ultimately this is just a peripheral excuse for people (Asian women and liberal white males) to rationalize having children across color lines once their perverse “romance” actually results in real consequences, like a child.

I don’t know my mother’s history but I do know of several Asian women (two of my cousins, for example) with a background of having sex with dozens of men. All white, of course; that is before they decide to settle down at age 28-33 with some clueless white moron who believes that asian women are “superior” morally by default of their allegiance to white men. This allegiance to white supremacy, of course, being what makes them morally sound. This is a better choice than lying to an asian male – who they spent two decades hating on – and pretending that “the past was the past,” when in fact their sexual preferences remained the same, but they became too old to pursue them and settled for an asian male. Choosing from those two options I’d rather be aware by default on my mother’s self hatred rather than being lied to that women like “nice guys,” regardless of color. Regardless if white supremacy or nationalism has any value (which I at one time sympathized with, and at one time I did too find the collapse of the western world very, very tragic*), the world simply cannot be saved by defaulting to another race of women, particular hypergamous ones. Ultimately these women will create sociopaths and their amoral choices will create more and more Eliot Rodgers.

In other words if you have to cheat in order to reproduce, by relying on an Asian woman who wants any white guy, you shouldn’t have kids at all.

*Note: The world is such monumental shit that it is ignorant to turn a blind eye to it’s fundamental inequalities and pretend that god has given done divine right to white males. I made the same mistake fleeing western culture and coming to china under the guise of being an “asian who looked white enough to pity the western crash, but asian enough to adapt to china”; but once coming here I learned the truth about sexual inequality that stretches across racial lines and is the fundamental reason why humanity is fucked.

Anyways, my advice to any white male looking to Asian women for love, please be fully aware of her intentions; excluding a race from the men she dates – no, fucks – isn’t a personal preference, but levied in hatred and power if not genetic self interest. As I mentioned earlier my father’s life was destroyed and my last memories of them together were of her being extremely mentally abusive for several years, turning us against him, calling the police on him, threatening to crash the car with us in it by speeding on a crowded highway, pulling knives on herself, hitting us with hangers,
throwing things at him, and from what I understand, raging at him for not making enough money: this of course is key since she had already gotten her kids with a tall white guy but he failed in providing the ideal monetary situation that she wanted or thought she deserved.

Regardless, I’d like to mention there are several cases recently popping up of young Eurasians coming of age and self destructing because of the sick nature of their parentage, being either fed self hatred from their white supremacist mothers, or being used as some kind of proxy for western civilization by conservative, often beta white fathers who chose to have children with an “ideal” morally superior race.
It’s not a coincidence that my life has been and will be a complete failure, my upbringing been incredibly chaotic, misguided and rebellious bordering on psychotic, and that other Eurasians have been self destructing in the last few years. I have a reputation for being eccentric if not outright strange, have almost no friends anymore, and seem to grow more and more psychotic with each passing year, at times am able to document it (like now, a rare day when I am able to function), but other days am in a suicidal haze from which I can barely focus on anything at all.

Elliot Rodger is one such person; I actually communicated with him anonymously before his attack and told him that I was Eurasian too. I’ll return to this later.

Kelly Baltazar, a teenaged girl who went to church, played violin, (both much like me, raised under the Tiger Mother methodology) and came from a wealthy family, and went on to do Facial Abuse porn; an honorable mention to Belle Knox, who was born from a “conservative” (at least the image presented) Indian woman and a beta white dad.

For every Asian woman out there posting ads online for white men only, there will be hundreds of desperate white guys who fall for it because they see these women defaulting to successful white men, rather than treating them like shit like white women are rumored to do and from what I can imagine and have read, probably do. But for every one of these white men who may or may not harbor white nationalist / conservative views, and every self-hating, vehemently racist, hypergamous asian girl who chases them, a child will be born, and this demographic, including myself, is both disastrous and at special risk. It would be even worse for a white man who hates Asian men or asian culture who goes for the easy pussy, to have a kid, and I can’t even fucking imagine what kind of psychotic serial killers this might produce, using my own case as a benchmark.

I write this as someone who is 25 now, without a career, and likely to die in a second world smoggy shithole. It doesn’t matter how much an Asian woman would say that she could raise her children right – there is simply no fucking goddamn way it is possible to raise a healthy child under these conditions with this kind of racial dynamic at play. I know this now only in retrospect; the great irony is that before Elliot’s blowup I saw so much of myself in him that I posted that I just knew he was Eurasian, like me.

In this way, I say FUCK YOU to all the Amy Chuas of the world; you can tell yourselves over and over that everything will be okay but I assure you it will not, you simply cannot, regardless of how badly you want that white guy to nut in you, ever, ever, ever convince your offspring that it was anything but evil. I don’t care; maybe asian men are less attractive, but you’d better motherfucking think about how you raise your children before you take that step. My mother paid the ultimate price, and here I am, America’s darling mixed race, sitting alone in a dark room in shithole a China with peeling paint just waiting to fucking die.

19 thoughts on “Elliot Rodger; Amy Chua; Kelly Baltazar; Asian Women Create Monsters

  1. What keeps men alive is having a long-term mission or personal projects that can be successfully advance on a timeline toward an end goal. House/tree/home or anything else. Otherwise this existence is pointless.


    • totally agree with you. the administrator of this site needs to see a shrink immediately and be looked up forever.

      This site is extremely extremely racist and sexist inciting racial hatred and should be taken down immediately!


      • totally agree with you. the administrator of this site needs to see a shrink immediately and be locked up forever.

        This site is extremely extremely racist and sexist inciting racial hatred and should be taken down immediately!


      • You’re either a white male, or an ugly Asian female. My bet is you’re a flat chested, 4/10, self hating, spotted-skin middle aged Asian woman with a white husband who missed the window of opportunity on getting a decent Asian guy and now has to settle for a mentally ill white male.


      • “Chinese men with white women? What a joke. they product loser kids with low IQ. Besides, they would be so ashamed of their fathers of being so white-worshiping and ashamed of marrying Asian women. These white-worshiping Chines men are pathetic losers!”

        This is what you spammed this blog with. Who’s racist?


      • Funny how white men always disagree with me but I don’t think there’s ever been a Hapa male or female who didn’t.


  2. Dude, you’re scaring me talking about “the final day” like that. I think you should relax and calm down.

    Life is hard and it can be especially hard if you’ve had to face a lot of racism and have a tough time with issues of identity and stuff like that but it’s honestly not all bad.

    As another Eurasian male who grew up in America, I have dealt with a lot of the same stuff you’ve dealt with and I am reaching out to you here. I don’t want to see you do anything rash.


  3. So your’e basically angry about having to move to China to get a woman and not being able to have a proper career for that? Just take a grip of yourself now. There’s millions of other people who have it dozens of more times worse than you have, and they keep going. There’s NO REASON for you to kill yourself. You’re not Elliot Rodger who never got a wink of an eye from a girl, not even an Asian one. You’re not the hobo taking his food out of carbage load. You have a loving wife and chances of developing a career, with your talents and education. It’s important you bring up these issues about sexual inequality of the races as it is all based on racial inequality otherwise. But there’s no reason for you to kill yourself. And if you really feel there is, then you’re in the need of some serious help.


      • For a given attribute, everyone on the planet is inferior to someone with one exception. Should all those people kill themselves? If not, why should you?

        There are plenty of shitty white people living miserable existences. If it would keep you from being *so* psychotic in your thoughts, you may want to simply consider them.



      • You’re a scientist so I supposed you are very well aware of evolutionary biology and the superficial reasons why WM/AF is much more common that the other way around. I feel like beating around the bush on this isn’t going to accomplish anything; the fact that this disparity exists to the extent it does proves that the relationship is de facto racist – or at least hinged on the innate physiological differences between white males and Asian males.

        I figure that the common pattern of the white male being expelled from the white dating pool by white females (who are more drawn to overt signs of physical dominance) also had a factor into you choosing an Asian female as opposed to a white female (since Asian females are supposedly more tolerant of “beta” traits – which many scientists / STEM fielders / engineers have). Food for thought.


      • First, I’m not a beta guy measured by fucks or relationships. Less than 50% of my relationships were with Asians (do Israelis count?) and all my Asian dating experiences took place either in Asia or in graduate school when half of the girls in my cohort were Asian. Selection plays some significant role in the WMAF pairings you see.

        Second, racist journalist Steve Sailer hints that acculturation plays a big role in the disadvantage Asians experience in America. The evidence is that FOB Chinese men experience disproportionately (relative to other ethnic groups) less success dating non-Chinese than Chinese born men.

        Third, you may also want to consider the stereotype of the Filipino-Americans – in which both men and women are known for their sexual prowess/promiscuity – at least in my neck of the northeast.


      • LOL, this is where you halfies fall short.

        Men with healthy identity would desire to make some changes. Think of how the whites became the dominant race. Why can’t we accomplish the same or die trying?

        By that day the white girls will be dripping wet over the slanted eyes of my grandsons.


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