A question for the readers

I want you to really try to wrap your head around the horror of my existence.

When you see a white male and an asian woman walking hand in hand, I want you to really ask yourself, when the asian woman hates asian men and finds them undesirable and inferior (I don’t believe other excuses, such as political reasons), and the man harbors racist views about the superiority of white males to asian males, what will the son think?

Ask yourself, what will the son of these relationships think? Ask yourself this question every time.

He will think like me.

3 thoughts on “A question for the readers

  1. It’s a common behavioural pattern for asian women who are with white men to want a daughter, a mixed daughter who will in future generations marry white so the asian side can be completely eradicated.

    Having a son puts a mixer into things – the inferiority complex of such white men means that she doesn’t want asian blood, for example that of her mixed son, to “infect” white women.

    I do wonder if asian dads with a white mother for his mixed daughter have the same level of racial contempt.


  2. I live in DC. This place is crawling with self – hating,white worshipping minorities. WM/AW couples outnumber AM/AW couples by at least 5 to 1.
    Everytime I see a WM/AW couple I feel a sense of rage at both of them. The male flaunting his white privilege and the female all content in her racist ,self hating, glory.


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