Mornings thoughts

It makes me very sad that my mother among other women was so cruel that she thought that a race of men was beneath her. I too have been in a position where women have said I was not good enough for them because of my heritage. I hate these people. There is no bottom to their depravity. But there is nothing I can do. It is evolution. No matter what a person does, women want what they want. They are preselecting genes off the bat. No matter what a man may do with his life his fate is sealed by what he looks like. Unfortunately my father mistook my mother’s gene based hypergamy as some kind of divine love, which was merely a lie for status and taller genes. I guess she succeeded. Everything else in life is meaningless. Nothing I can so then but whittle away my life until I die. I am completely empty inside, I have zero emotions but sadness and hatred. I am twiddling my thumbs until I die. I was complicit in a woman’s awful genocidal gene based hate program. This makes me realize that life has no meaning except for those white males good enough to pass along their genes. I’m dead. Just a walking corpse looking for an excuse to live another day. My daydreams are becoming less fantastical and more grounded. I have accepted my plan of suicide as being doable and fearless. I have moved beyond the worry of my soul’s fate and accepted it as being just a biological process, something that is as natural as my own birth. I think now that the best course of action is to give my life to my wife, destroy every last part of my living soul, and pass my time with bland entertainment and food. There is no point to living if billions of men I care about are being lied to and actively exterminated. I don’t want to live here.

One thought on “Mornings thoughts

  1. Men are visual driven hardwired to want to spread the seed as much as possible and just want a good looking woman with a good body, color doesn’t matter much to most. Women have the power of selection and are attracted to the race at the top of the social hierarchy and with the best genetic fitness more than men, so it’s no surprise every race of women (except black) prefer white men and Asian men are the least preferred in dating preference studies. So I think women are more racist than men, that usually prefer their race, but Asians are a special case because of a traumatic traditional culture that creates self hate. And they are more shallow, if you think about how much time they spend making themselves look good and how many ways a man can fail. A white guy will have a higher success rate than an asian guy in getting numbers and getting women because women throw themselves at him. Asian men are also a tiny minority in the west, underrepresented, unwanted, suffer from low esteem with a sizable number doomed to bachelorhood. The traditional culture and overbearing parents are creating generations of arrested development beta males. Not like society is helping to empower them cause they don’t get to be put on a pedestal by the liberal establishment like blacks and browns. And most Asian men are genetically cursed in features, short height, shorter legs, less endurance, and poor physique compared to the average white (or black) male. You just don’t see an Asian version of Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, or as major athletes and Yao Ming doesn’t count because he’s just one anomaly. Look at men in places like China and most are short, stout, and flab. If you think being half Asian is bad, try being a full Asian in the US. What you’re saying is absolutely true. For genetic survival, Asian men had better evolve fast.


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