Why can’t

Why can’t people love each other regardless of how they look? Do you know how much I regret that I am viewed as ugly by Asian women as soon as they find out that I am half asian? It breaks my heart that I am viewed as lesser because I am not fully white. Even my own mother thought blue eyes and red hair was the supreme male; yet I could never have these features. I am worthless, even my mother believed so. I will die soon. My life is painful and filled with unbearable agony every day. I hate waking up in the morning; I hate playing this game where I am viewed as “better” because of my appearance, yet half of my genes make me worse. I hope any asian woman who reads this will reflect on the pain she causes.

I plan to die soon; only my wife and father keep me here. I have deliberately been poisoning my body and feel that it is failing me. I will write my will today.

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